Real Madrid's ambitious plan: Haaland in 2020 and Mbappe in 2021

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With Mbappe currently 21 years of age and Haaland 19, this would be an authoritative haul for Real Madrid and one that would set the club up for the FUTURE.

We know that Florentino Perez is interested in Kylian Mbappé, whom he wishes to recruit in 2021. But the president of Real Madrid is also eyeing the other young nugget of the moment: the Norwegian from Borussia Dormund, Erling Haaland.

Despite the great crisis experienced by European clubs at the present time, it seems that Real Madrid is determined to achieve its dreams in the coming period by contracting Killian Mbappe first and including the Norwegian star Erling Halland.

According to the Spanish newspapers, Real Madrid has developed a plan to sign the duo after failing to include Mbappe last summer, whose French club Paris Saint-Germain insisted on keeping it, while Halland's talent appeared this season, which aroused Real's interest.

The plan is to sign first with Halland this summer for 75 million euros, which is the value of breaking his contract, to contract with Mbappe in the summer of 2021 for 180 million euros, a year before the end of his contract with Paris (expiring in June 2022), which puts more pressure on the team To sell the player before moving for free in the next season.

But to what extent may this plan succeed? Until now things seem logical on paper. Real Madrid is of course able to pay the money to buy a player this summer and he is already in need of a decisive striker at a time when the goalscoring rate for Karim Benzema has fallen and Luca Jovic has not reached the required level.

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Real Madrid needs a decisive striker in front of the goal, fast and smart, who is always able to gift the victory to his team, which may have to give up the three out of three strikers he currently has, which means that Jovic, Marianne and Diaz should leave.

For Killian Mbappe, things seem pretty illogical, for the player is happy with his team and his victory in the European Champions League, for example, may make him continue in Paris Saint-Germain without thinking about leaving for Real Madrid or any other team.

On the part of Real, the team has more than one distinguished winger, who has the talent that enables him to lead the team in the coming period, such as Vinicius Jr. and Rodrigo, and Mbappe's arrival in Madrid may hit these talents and cause them to leave the team, is Real ready to give up the stars paying a lot of money For them?

Even the idea of ​​postponing his contract a year does not make any sense. There are more than one team that wants to include Mbabi, led by Liverpool, who will receive significant moral support if he wins the English Premier League title, which may cause him to consider strengthening his team and including Mbabi.

Mbappe never excludes the move to Liverpool, an ambitious team that plays in the best league in the world and is able to compete and win the Champions League.

The talk about the inclusion of any of the players at the present time is very early, and it is likely now that each player remains with his team until waiting for what will happen, then who would have expected everything to stop due to a virus? Let's wait and see!

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