Barcelona: Guardiola's father and wife believe in Pep's return!

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While his father Valenti Guardiola was talking about a possible return to FC Barcelona, the Manchester City coach could be tempted by this opportunity and the role his wife might play in the final decision.

Manchester City suffered their fourth loss in 16 rounds this season, after failing to beat Manchester United at the Etihad Stadium, although last season the Premier League champions lost 4 games. After the last two seasons, the concept of losing to Manchester City is far from over, but Guardiola has a complete coaching style when he reaches the fourth season.

Pep Guardiola's fourth season at Manchester City is similar to his fourth season with Barcelona, his last in Spain, for starting to talk about the 'difficulty of motivating players' or the emergence of a strong rival or peer for his team that breaks his team's dominance in the domestic league or rather decode the 'Pep method', is something did Jose Mourinho's 2012 season in Real madrid, when he beat Guardiola domestically and Real Madrid crowned the La Liga title, a season in which Pep said he played 'the most beautiful football but came out of John Crown for the Champions League, which Is being repeated by Jurgen Klopp today.

Today Pep is surrounded by many questions, will you continue next season and will you go to Bayern Munich? Questions that even prompted Pep's subconscious to miss his club's name at the press conference and replace him with 'Bayern Munich'.

Beep is very disappointed when he loses hope for the domestic league title, he has always pointed out that this competition is more important and difficult than the Champions League, knowing that the latter is his only hope today to come up with a big season on the measurement of the Man City who, no matter how important the Premier League, remain the most important ears.

Guardiola's wife, the masterpiece of his future? 

It was with FC Barcelona that Pep Guardiola managed to win two Champions Leagues with the Catalans in 2009 and 2011, the trophy he has lacked since his departure from Barca. On the set of the Transfer Window Podcast, Graham Hunter, accompanied by Duncan Castles, discussed Pep Guardiola's possible return to Spain. A possibility that could well come true. Indeed, not long ago, the wife of the Spanish coach left Manchester to return to Barcelona. The return of his wife to the Catalan city would have a good chance of influencing Guardiola in his choice to return to Catalonia. In addition, Barca are not expected to activate the option for an additional year in Ernesto Valverde's contract. Enough to leave him a boulevard ...

In his last season with Barcelona Pep faced many obstacles, replacing defender Carles Puyol with another high-quality defender, which is disastrous for Pep as experience proved that he fails to choose defenders (his defensive options and failure in front of Liverpool's defensive options and their impact on the course of the team's needs Guardiola was embarrassed a lot, then he brought Mascherano back to this position where he proved to the end of his career with the club, and he suffered to keep his style of play alive at the Camp Nou, even with the presence of then-Xavi Hernández, Andres Iniesta and Sergio Busquets but he needed different players, and these They came in the form of Alexis Sánchez, who did not excel in playing alongside Messi and Cesc Fabregas, who. But realistically, it was not appropriate for this era of Barcelona. Barça have turned Pep into a readable team, which can be disrupted by defensive blocks, which cost him the Champions League against Chelsea.

Barcelona wants Amine Harit with 18M euro

Today Pep is also suffering with two crises at City, failed paid contracts relative to their prices, and slow adaptability of new players who are supposed to serve his game organization, Crodry, for example. The other thing is that Pep did not count to be his players in the second place in terms of quality, there is no denying that the quality of all the centres of Liverpool except the midfield (De Bruyne - Bernardo Silva) is better than the lines of City, which confuses the idea, and says: 'I study carefully why they excel over us in this remarkable way', and He adds: 'The players lack motivation after winning the championships last season', in addition to the repeated farce of al-Far with his team, all things happened 'Mélatemeter' in 2012 in his fourth season with Barcelona, is the coach who does not stay long in a team no matter how big his project, does he come out of his cloak and try Once again, we will not face a high-class opponent, or will he be renewed beyond 2021 and return home, where they are also waiting for him so hard that the administration that he has in 2012 is the legacy of the presidency?

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