After Ricardo Ferreira's death, Cristiano Ronaldo finds a new hairdresser in Italy.

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Ricardo Marques Ferreira, famous hairdresser of stars including Cristiano Ronaldo, was found dead, believed to be murdered, on Friday in a room of a hotel in Zurich (Switzerland). A suspect has reportedly been arrested. A cleaner at the hotel found the body of a Portuguese barber lying on the bed with traces of multiple stab wounds that led to his death, according to Mundo Deportivo.

According to a spokesman for the Zurich public prosecutor's office, quoted by the edition, the suspect was detained. The circumstances of the murder have yet to be established.

A man who was the hairdresser of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has been found dead in Zurich, reports the Tribune de Genève. The 48-year-old Portuguese was killed in a Zurich apartment hotel on Friday (November 1st).

The Portuguese hairdresser, nicknamed 'Caju', had been living in Zurich for the past two years and had been living for almost a week in the same hotel where he had been killed.

The barber hails from the Portuguese island of Madeira as the current Juventus star player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Hair stylist and make-up artist Ricardo Marques Ferreira posted a picture of himself with compatriot Cristiano Ronaldo on social media, taken in September 2015, showing the dead man putting his finishing touches on Ronaldo's new 'lok'.

Police have launched an investigation to clarify all the circumstances of the case and have already arrested a suspect, a 39-year-old Brazilian national.

Cristiano Ronaldo has not officially reacted yet.

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