Roger Federer plans to retire after the Tokyo Olympics

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Aging determines Roger Federer's future

Muratoglu reveals when Roger Federer will retire.

Patrick Mouratoglou the Former world number one of Serena Williams has revealed the date of retirement for Roger Federer.

Mouratoglou spoke in an interview about Roger Federer and the reasons for his return to clay this year in Madrid, Rome and the French Open.

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"Roger has always skipped the season to avoid injuries and gives himself a better picture and the chance to win the Wimbledon Open, three weeks after Roland Garros," said Serena.

"It would seem a bit strange to go back to this option at 37, but Federer is a very rational person, I feel he plans to retire and retire in 2020, after the Tokyo Olympics."

Muratoglu expressed great admiration for Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic

"This may have been the last year for Federer to play on clay," he said.

Muratoglu expressed great admiration for Nadal and Djokovic as well: "They are completely out of the ordinary. We were not sufficiently aware of the amazing opportunity we see in seeing the most exciting generation of champions in the history of tennis."

"To play at this level at their age, they have to maintain their ambition and the ambition to win everything and develop their game because tennis has changed a lot in the last 15 years."

Asked why Serena Williams was not appointed as an additional coach, Moratoglu replied: "I always thought it would make things more complicated."

He concluded: "Especially if these people have a lot of vanity, the main coach needs to be there, look at Andy Murray, who won Grand Slam tournaments when Ivan Lendl worked with him, and even when Lendl was not with him in the tournaments, he sent Murray a schedule Chronologically. "

Roger Federer led Europe to continue to dominate the Laver Cup title after winning the third consecutive title at the expense of the world team.

The European team won the 2019 Leverfi Cup title in Geneva, Switzerland, with a 13-11 victory over the world team, following the victory of German Alexander Zverev in the final and decisive match for the title.

Europe's team, led by Captain Bjorn Borg, won the three versions of the Laver Cup held in Prague two years ago, Chicago last year and this year in Geneva.

The fourth edition of the Laver Cup will be held in Boston, one of the world's largest sports cities, in the famous TD park from September 25 to 27, 2020.

Since debuting in Prague in 2017, the Laver Cup has been organized in Chicago in 2018 and in Geneva, Switzerland in 2019, where the host city alternates between Europe and the rest of the world.

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