Milliard €.. Bartomeu enters Barcelona in crisis and destroys finances

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Barcelona is the most paid in Europe worth up to 501 million 

Cruyff's removal, Guardiola's departure, the destruction of Messi's best years, the weakening of La Masia, Valverde's style. And finally, the debt of one billion euros.

The Catalan team's debt swelled to €1,017 million in June 2019, according to a report issued by the club, an increase of 115% over two years.

Where does Bartomeu lead Barcelona? When the second man after Russell arrived in the Catalan team, his first goal was not football, even in his campaign aimed at reducing debt and making profits. From the outset, the new troika began to lay the foundations of Cruyff's disqualification by stripping him of the honorary position of president, clashing with Guardiola and gradually shifting from the ideas of the first duo to valverde's. All this was under the cloak of 'debt reduction.

The Barcelona administration did everything in its power to defeat the club's legacy, and every detail in this legacy has been negatively affected, starting from La Masia through the quality of the coaches chosen, to the team's transformation to rely on Messi to save him season after season, and because Messi is present and Stegen in goal achieved the team 4 la Liga out of the 5, but he was exposed every season at critical times in the Champions League when the team needed teamwork.

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In previous years, Bartomeu and those behind him have always claimed that they aim to reduce the Catalan team's debt and improve their financial position even at the expense of football, but the situation seems to be different today.

Barcelona are the ninth la Liga clubs to earn just €5 million, while Real Madrid are 38 million. Barcelona's move away from these profits is about 33 million euros, not for financial reasons but for financial reasons in how the team is managed and the impact on the public budget.

Barcelona makes profits

In the profits from the sale of the players, Barcelona are in first place with 101 million euros (Paulinho, Alcacer, Mena, Dinier), while Real Madrid are second with 99 million euros.

In revenues (tv and marketing) Barcelona occupies first place with 852 million euros, while Real Madrid (757 million euros) second with a difference of more than 100 million and Atlético third (304) and far away with a difference of 500 million euros!

In the public attendance, Barcelona achieved the highest rate in 2018-2019 at the Camp Nou and reached 75,000 away from the nearest Real Madrid (60,000).

The biggest problem in Barcelone

With all the profits mentioned above, Barcelona's biggest problem begins when we look at what the Catalan team, which is the most paid in Europe, is paid up to 501 million euros and the closest to it is Manchester United (375 million) with a difference of 125 million euros!

In the last four years, Barcelona's net spending on deals has been the highest among La Liga clubs and has reached 327 million euros, a difference of 216 million euros from Real Madrid, whose net spending was only 111 million.

As for full spending, Barcelona spent the last four seasons 883 million euros, 300 million euros more than the closest Atletico Madrid (585 million euros). Barcelona is also the most indebted club in Europe on the market for clubs (parts of the deals not paid) worth 261 million euros (including 100 million euros for Liverpool from the Coutinho deal).

Bartomeu says the team's situation is solid in material terms, but the salaries of the players consume the team's budget significantly and do not seem to be moving in the right direction, neither in terms of dealing with deals nor in terms of salary reductions.

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In the light of all these numbers, Barcelona succeeded in achieving la Liga 4 times in the last 5 years, but the team did not offer the football that its fans aspire to and did not succeed in achieving the Champions League title since 2015, and lost the identity of the football that it offers, as well as the arrival of debt to nearly a billion puts a big question mark To approach the future of the team and specifically after Lionel Messi.

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