Messi is scheduled to retire.. and confirms the impact of Real Madrid with the departure of Cristiano

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Messi opens his heart in an exclusive interview with Catalunya Radio.

Barcelona star Lionel Messi gave an exclusive interview to Catalunya Radio, in which he revealed many things related to his personal life and his football vision in many matters of public concern.

The 32-year-old Argentinian star was at the headquarters of the famous Spanish radio station, and the interview lasted for about two hours, and we'll see you highlights.

- About the best coach: 'I think Guardiola and Luis Enrique are the closest'.

- About Cristiano Ronaldo: 'I wish he would continue at Real Madrid, he gave the Clasico a competitive advantage'.

- About Real Madrid: 'They will make it up and compete at the end of the season, the club has very good players, but they seem to have been affected by Ronaldo's departure'.

- About his retirement date: Every season I'm up to my level and what I've done, but I think I'll quit when I'm 35 or 36.

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- About the best match of his career: 'I don't know if this is the best, but as I recall the match against Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final we won 2-0'.

- The best moment of his career: 'It's hard to pick one because I was lucky to live a lot of it, but Guardiola's period was my best period.'

- The best version of Lionel Messi: 'Although Guardiola's period was the best for me and I develop periodically, I now feel it is the strongest version ever.'

- About the best opponent he faced: 'The Spanish team before the start of the 2010 World Cup, I was really surprised by the opponent'.

- The best goal of his career: 'I think it's the first goal against Roma'.

- Worst moments: 'The 2013-2014 season in the midst of tax evasion and injury issues'.

- The hardest defence he faced: 'I don't know exactly, but the English teams have been very strong in the physical part, in recent years football has become more defensive and complex'.

- Renewal of the contract: 'There is nothing new, there are no complications if we start, things are always simply going well'.

- His future: 'I always want to continue with Barcelona, that's how I was and i will not change, it's very difficult to play for Barcelona, it may seem easy for people but it is not'.

- About Griezmann rumors: 'This is a lie that I did not want Griezmann in the team, he is a talented player and he will adapt to us even though he is a delegation from a team playing with a different philosophy to us'.

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- About Neymar: 'I think he is sad to leave Barcelona, he is one of the best players in the world, people only think about the way he leaves the club as much as they think about coming back.'

Goal: 'I won't be disappointed if I don't win the Ballon d'Or, the most important thing now is to win the Champions League'.

- On Catalan: 'I never mastered it, I speak Spanish because I don't know Catalan, but my children speak it'.

- About Victor Valdes: 'I was surprised by the way he left, everything surprised me from the first day the news spread about this until the day he left, I can't say anything because I don't know.'

- About Xavi: 'He will come back when he wants to, he trains and prepares himself to be fit the way Guardiola has followed, he will come back and I have a feeling that he will go down that path.'

- About al-Far technology: 'I love this technology and support its use, but it leaves a lot of uncertainty, it has not been used optimally yet'.

- Defending Dembele: 'Maybe i crossed badly, but what I wanted to say is that it is difficult for him to express what is inside him in two sentences, I was surprised that the referee clearly understands what the player went through and that he is going through a difficult time, but it is difficult for him to say that.'

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