Messi is 'banned' from travelling to England.. The reason!

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Barcelona star Lionel Messi may struggle to travel to England after Brexit

Lionel Messi 'faces issues travelling to UK' if Barcelona draw English side after Brexit

Barcelona's Spanish captain, Lionel Messi, faces some difficulty travelling to Britain if it secedes from the European Union.

According to English newspaper Atletico, Messi, 32, may be banned from entering Britain if she officially secedes from the EU in what she calls criminal conviction problems.

The journalist quoted renowned lawyer Andrew Osborn, an immigration specialist at Louis Silyken, who warned of serious consequences against the player in the future, and generally against some big football stars.

Currently, 4 English teams are participating in the Champions League competition and all of them are going well towards qualifying for the final price of the competition, which increases the hypothesis that Barcelona will fall against one of them by lot, which exempts him from facing a team from the same country or the same group, so it may be the last time he visits Messi  England.

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If the Catalan club falls against one of the English teams participating in the tournament in the future, there are problems that may prevent Messi from entering English territory for matches, and the reason is a criminal conviction.

In an exclusive interview with Atletico, Osborne said the company was already training many of its lawyers to address the dangers of the consequences of Brexit and its impact on the players and clubs entering the country.

'There's a point about European games, if you're an EU resident and you have a criminal conviction you can travel to Britain as long as it doesn't pose a threat to national security,' Osborne began.

"But if you are not a citizen of the EU countries and you are convicted or sentenced to imprisonment, even if you are suspended afterwards, you are prohibited from coming to the country."

He went on to accuse Messi, who has previously been accused of tax evasion, and how this affects his entry into the country as a criminal conviction.

'There are a number of elite footballers convicted in tax evasion cases, they don't have to worry if they have a European passport.'

"But after Brexit, they are likely to be banned from entering the country, the starting point here is that any player convicted of any kind of prison sentence - if suspended - will be banned," he said.

He concluded's decision could disrupt my role.

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