Messi, Cristiano and Neymar top the list of the 10 richest players in 2019. Salah is the only one Arabian in the list.

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10 Richest Soccer Players Of 2019

Everyone knows that football and its stars such as Leo Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and others are paid fabulous amounts, but even in wages there is fierce competition among the world's top stars.

With players able to earn extra money from advertising deals and bonuses, they are now able to raise huge sums of money, making them one of the richest people in the world.

The Richest Canada website monitored the 10 richest players in the world of football for 2019, according to their annual wages in their current clubs.



The Liverpool striker is one of the best players in the world, helping his team win the Champions League last season and almost leading them to the Premier League title with their outstanding performance.

As a result, he became one of the most wanted players in the world, which is why Liverpool signed a five-year contract for $15 million a year. Salah will continue to grow at the level of the game, which will help him financially in his career, while other clubs will force Liverpool to pay more or let him go.



Kylian Mbappe is one of the most interesting young players in the world and is expected to have a great career in the game, which is why he now earns $20 million in annual earnings.

Mbappe played a pivotal role in helping France win the 2018 World Cup in Russia, where the talented striker was one of the tournament's most prominent players and made a big name for himself in the biggest football tournament on earth. As he is still in the early stages of his football career, Mbappe will no doubt climb the list in the coming years, especially if he continues to develop at the same level.



Pogba may be one of the most controversial figures in the world of professional football, complaining about him, but there is no question that he is one of the world's most good midfielders.

Manchester United did everything in their power to keep the French player at the club, including giving him an annual salary of up to $20 million, despite the fact that he is not the most popular. But Pogba is popular with the club's supporters at least, and as a result the Red Devils make a lot of money for the sale of his t-shirts, which helps to offset costs.


OSCAR ($26 million ANNUALLY)

The Brazilian playmaker made it clear beyond a doubt that money was the main driver of his football career when he decided to play for Shanghai SPG, leaving Chelsea in a move that seemed too money-driven.

At $26 million a year, it's clearly not a bad job for him, although the level of football there is not comparable to that of the Premier League, where Oscar used to play. While some want to win the world's biggest awards, the fact that the football career is relatively short remains relatively short, so it's not a bad idea to get as much money as possible.


When Eden Hazard moved from Chelsea to Real Madrid in the summer, it was clear that he would be paid a huge fee. This is the case, with $27 million now being paid annually.

The Belgian is the club's second-highest paid player, which will undoubtedly put pressure on him in his opening season with the team, and Hazard aims to be one of the best players in the Champions League this season, to make the dream of moving to Real Madrid a huge success.



Many probably thought Andres Iniesta would not earn the same amount of money as he did at Barcelona when he moved to Japan's Vesel Coba, but the fact is that the midfielder managed to earn more money.

Given the fact that the midfielder is one of the best midfielders in history, the club's decision to give him $30 million a year is certainly justified, especially with Iniesta's outstanding performance in the league. Although he is not playing in the world's biggest leagues now, he remains one of the highest paid players in 2019.


Gareth Bale almost signed one of the most lucrative deals in football history last summer, moving on to play in the Chinese Premier League, due to problems he had with Real Madrid. Despite the failure of that deal, the Welshman still enjoys a great deal with the Spanish team.

With $33 million a year, the flying winger has managed to become one of the highest paid players in the world, more than he deserves for his performances at the club so far. 

Despite the fact that he is not very popular among the club's fans because he did not even try to learn Spanish, there is no question that he performs his duties on the field, which is why he can charge the amounts specified in his contract.



As one of the world's greatest footballers, it is no wonder cristiano ronaldo is among the top names on the list of the richest footballers of 2019, especially given the Portuguese star's ability to maintain his high standards since joining Juventus.
That's why the Italian giant doesn't mind paying Ronaldo $64 million a year, with he always scoring a lot of goals, while continuing to prove he's one of the best players in the world. When Ronald signed for Juventus, the club earned $60 million within 24 hours of selling the t-shirts bearing his name to the fans, meaning that the club earned its first annual salary from the sales of its shirts only.

NEYMAR JR. ($70 million ANNUALLY)

The Brazilian striker became one of the most wanted players on earth not so long ago, which prompted Paris Saint-Germain to sign him in the biggest transfer deal in history, which cost the French club $263 million (222 million euros).

But the parisian shirt's expenses did not stop there, as they provided Neymar with a high wage of $70 million a year, which he would probably not complain about. 
Despite widespread reports of unhappiness at Paris Saint-Germain, given barcelona's pressure on him to return to the club early in the summer, he will remain in Paris for the time being.



If Cristiano Ronaldo is not in first place, there is only one other man who can take this position from him, and arguably the best player on the planet: Lionel Messi, the highest paid footballer on his weekly salary.

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Messi, the Barcelona star, earns an annual fee of $80 million from the club, a very large sum, but he undoubtedly deserves it thanks to his goals and assists. History will be named Messi as barcelona's best player of all time, and will leave a legacy that is hard to reach again. With Messi's current contract continuing until 2021, he still has several more years to complete the glory.

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