Lionel Messi comes once in a lifetime, says Ryan Giggs

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Former team-mate of Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United, Ryan Giggs has been invited to give his opinion on the Portuguese as well as his eternal rival, Lionel Messi. Even if the two players no longer play in the same league, we do not stop comparing them.

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs has described Barcelona striker Lionel Messi as a once-in-a-lifetime player, in response to his opinion in the timely debate to choose the best between barça striker and Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Giggs: 'Messi or Cristiano? There is no comparison'

Messi and Ronaldo dominated the Ballon d'Or awards for more than a decade, having won them five times each, before Croatian star Luka Modric broke their dominance in 2018, and Messi spent his entire professional career in the ranks of Barcelona, while Ronaldo played for Manchester United and Real Madrid And now Juventus.

Giggs is in contact with Ronaldo at Manchester United and said he will always support his former team-mate, but he cannot deny the fact that a player with Messi's talent will never be repeated again.

Giggs said in remarks to the British service DAZN, quoted by The British website Soccer News: «I certainly tend to Ronaldo a little, because I played with him and saw him develop, but Messi is a genius and a player comes once in a lifetime. It's that simple."

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Giggs is now coaching the Welsh national team, with former Ronaldo team-mate Gareth Bale, who is in his seventh season in Madrid.
Bale was close to leaving the Santiago Bernabéu last summer, before his move to China failed, and has been involved in seven competitions in all competitions with the Royals this season so far.

For his part, Giggs believes that Bale's situation in the Spanish capital is illogical, given what the player has achieved with the club.

"It seems strange from the outside, given the talent he has and what he won there: four Champions League titles," Giggs said.

He added: "I am his coach in the Welsh national team and recently became the captain of the team, and he is a great professional player. He is a player who can turn any game upside down like he did with Real Madrid against Liverpool (in the 2018 Champions League final)."

Although Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are two exceptional and totally different players, one can only be tempted to compare them systematically. Many of the former football glories have given their opinion. If, as a rule, those who have played with either side decide on their former teammate's side, Ryan Giggs does not.

'What happens to Bale is very strange'

The current Wales coach has also given his opinion on Gareth Bale's form at Real Madrid. 'It's very weird what's happening. From the outside it seems very strange because of the quality of Bale and what he has achieved by winning four Champions Leagues,' he said.

'It's very strange what happened in the summer because I coach him with Wales. For me, he's my captain, he guides the selection as an example, he's a great professional and a great player. He's a player who can change any game.'

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