Clásico Barca-Real won't play at the Camp Nou.

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Catalonia threatens protests on Clásico Day

When and where will the Clasico be played?

There is still considerable confusion in the Spanish sports community about the final decision on the Clásico match between Barcelona and Real Madrid scheduled for Saturday 26 October in the 10th round of the La Liga.

The match faces some problems with the possibility of protests in the region of Catalonia on the same date, which led the Spanish Football Federation and the League league to consider solutions for another day's match or a change of venue.

Real Madrid have rejected the idea of swapping the Clásico to play on October 26th at the Santiago Bernabéu, while the second round match will be at the Camp Nou.

Barça's view was also in line with Real Madrid, rejecting the idea of moving the game from the stadium at the present time, as it set up special preparations for the match, such as stadium equipment, tickets and others.

The Spanish newspaper "As" says that there are widespread reports that the clásico could be relocated to the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in Madrid 'Real Madrid Stadium' with the second round clásico to be held in the region of Catalonia at the Stadium of Barcelona.

The famous Madrid newspaper reported that there is a strong tendency in the real madrid administration to reject any proposal for the transfer of the Clásico to Madrid, where the club plans to abide by the decision to hold the match at the Camp Nou as scheduled in the tournament schedule.

While Real Madrid have shown their understanding of the dangerous situation in Catalonia, real madrid , according to sources for "Ace" within the club - do not mind that the date of the match is postponed to another date to play the first game at the Camp Nou.

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The idea of postponing the match seems likely, according to Spanish radio Onda Siro, where the match is expected to be on October 27th instead of 26 or go to December.

The League's move to transfer the Clásico came early, with more than a week remaining until the match, so the situation could develop and protests within Catalonia will calm ahead of the upcoming match.

This is Zidane's first Clásico after his return and Hazard's first with Real Madrid and the possibility of Fati's participation.

The protests continued for three days within catalonia to demand the release of political detainees and the application of autonomy away from the Spanish state.

It should be noted that the protests started two years ago and caused the barcelona and Las Palmas match without an audience because of the difficulty of securing fans amid clashes with the police.

Barcelona issued a statement in which it expressed its solidarity with the demonstrators' demands for the release of political detainees, a behavior praised by the people of Catalonia at a time when the club could be harmed by the transfer or change of date of the Clásico.

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It should be noted that the next round of la Liga will see Barcelona travel to the Basque Country to face Eibar, where the team's bus travel is arranged for fear that the Airport of Al-Brat will witness protests threatening air navigation.

According to press reports, Barcelona is considering flying on Thursday before the protests begin on Friday, while Coach Valverde is not inclined to use the bus so that the team is not overworked as it is expected to travel within six hours towards the Basque Country.

The Spanish government had questioned the possibility of the Clásico at the Camp Nou, describing it as 'unreasonable'

In Barcelona, there has been no official position on the Catalan club's management, which is waiting for the matter to be officially taken in order to determine their position, refusing to go into anything before this happens.

Real Madrid are at the top of la Liga with 18 points and two points ahead of second-placed Barcelona with 16 points.

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