Zidane: I am ready to leave Real Madrid and never bother me the idea of ​​coaching Mourinho.

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Zidane wants the support of Real Madrid and does not care what is written in the newspapers.

Zidane: "The signing with Eriksen and Van de Beck doesn't concern me, but it is Real Madrid who decides."

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane has confirmed his team is ready to face Sevilla on Sunday in the fifth round of the Spanish league.

Zidane said during the presentation press conference on Saturday: "Tomorrow we will be in a difficult stadium, and we know that Sevilla lead the championship, and will be a good game, and the players are ready and we are ready."

"Of course I feel very strongly going forward. I am not interested in what is happening abroad but I am focusing on what I tell the players."

"Real Madrid is my home and I have beautiful memories with this club and I am still bothered by the death of my older brother," Zidane said.

He continued: "I feel strong and I will continue to work until my last minute here."

As for the criticism, he explained: "I am not at all surprised this is life, we have always faced difficulties even if we win, and there were always complex moments in this club, and we can always overcome, and what is said on the outside does not matter, and the strength that we have at home is the most important ".

He continued: "Tense relationship with the management of the club? No vice versa, so far I receive support here, and if not
It is better to leave. "

"Everyone knows the offers I received before Real Madrid, including the attractive offer from
Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus

`` The players do not perform below their level, and certainly we can do more, but we have faced complex and good moments, and we will play against the leaders and we have to win, I know the difficulty of being at Real Madrid, and we have a special opportunity to achieve a new achievement, and improve things. ''

As for the possibility of resigning again from his position, he stressed: "I do not think about it, just focus on winning tomorrow's meeting, and we can not control what is said abroad."

"It doesn't really bother me," he said. "When things don't go well, the demand starts to change everything. It's hard but it's a reality. Tomorrow we have a game against a good team. We'll go win."

"Outside, they always care about the result, but inside there is always something else. Fans want to win and we too, but the only thing we can do is work and improve."

"I don't think so, but at times like the Paris game we were absent, and against Levante in the first half we were there, and in front of Celta Vigo we were decisive, and the good thing is that tomorrow we have another chance."

Asked about the fact that he refused to sign Christian Eriksen and Van de Beck, he replied: "I will not say yes or no, it is a matter for the club, we are here and we have a distinct group of players."

"Regret that I came back? This is easy to say in complex moments, but I made the decision to work on a new project."

"When we win it is very easy, and we have to be together, and when I see what you write in the newspapers, Things are very black, but they are not. "

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