Turki Al-Sheikh causes conflicts between the club and the fans, after announcing his desire to change the club logo!

By September 06, 2019 , ,

Saudi Arabia's Turki Al-Sheikh and the current Mack of the Spanish club Almeria have decided to change the club's logo, but supporters of the team rejected the idea.

More than a month ago, Al-Sheikh bought the majority of Almeria's shares, and now he has decided to make a series of changes to the club, which was founded in 1989.

"For the coming season ... because we respect and care about the feelings of our fans, we want to know what you think," Almeria said on Twitter. Rochblancos', plus the addition of 'FC' to the club name.

On Friday morning, the club held a referendum via Twitter to find out what the public thought. The referendum lasted for six days, but the majority voted "no", with 70% rejecting the changes, and only 30% of those who voted yes.

The comments of the fans were against this step, to the extent that one fan of the club wrote: "This is terrorism, not a declaration of Saudi Arabia," and another wrote: "The slogan does not touch."

Almeria fans have also launched a social media campaign with the hashtag #ElEscudoNoSeToca, meaning the logo should not be touched.

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