The mystery of the red color at the bottom of the ships

By September 09, 2019 ,

You must have seen the red color that usually covers the bottom of the ships, whether in the ground or serials and movies or even anime and cartoon, and it is true that you did not think about it financially, but in fact there is a secret behind it.

Water is the world of marine organisms such as plants and worms that feed on wooden structures, and if stuck to the bottom of the ship will degrade and slow down by tampering with its aerodynamics, increasing pressure on the engine and raising fuel consumption.

Therefore, a copper or lead layer with copper oxide is placed on the bottom of the ship to serve as an insulator between the structure of the ship and marine organisms, which as you now guessed, has a red color.
However, science has evolved and the protective layers can be made in any color, which makes you wonder why you continue to use red at the bottom of the ship.

In fact, there is no technical reason for this, since after hundreds of years of relying on the red color to paint the bottom of the ship, there is no sense of changing it, and it is easily distinguishable from the distance as it is very inconsistent with the color of the ocean.

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