Sweden honors its legend in the center of Malmö

By September 10, 2019 ,

Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be honored by the Swedish Football Federation. The institution will unveil on October 8 a statue of the player in his hometown, Malmö.

After 31 trophies gleaned and his many personal distinctions received, Zlatan Ibrahimovic will soon be honored with a new, rather special bonus. On October 8, a statue with his likeness will be unveiled in Malmö, his hometown, to pay tribute to the legend he has become. The Swedish giant lived all his childhood in a sensitive area of ​​the Swedish city of 318 000 inhabitants and there was the beginning of his playing career. The bronze will be installed between the former stadium of his training club, Malmö FF, where Ibrahimovic played his first professional games, and the new club grounds. This representation of the athlete, estimated at 2.7 meters high and 500 kilos on a base of eight tons, will be as impressive as the player himself.


The initiative came from the Swedish Football Federation, which entrusted the project to the sculptor Pieter Linde. "The statue will be an eternal representation of the greatest Swedish footballer and one of the greatest in the world of all time," said Hakan Sjostrand, general secretary of the federation. This is a gesture that has been welcomed by the striker, eleven-time winner of the Swedish Golden Ball, who reacted via a statement: "I am very happy. It was my wish for a long time. It's here that everything started and that's where my heart is. " This statue could give heart to all the young people of Malmö, who want to overcome their difficult life in the neighborhoods by becoming a professional footballer, like Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

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