Serena Williams is worried about her injury at the US Open (tennis)

By September 03, 2019 ,

Although Serena Williams reached the quarter-finals of the US Open on Sunday, her injury to her right ankle will hinder her progress and perhaps her participation again, but it is not good for the six-time winner.

Serena Williams
At the Australian Open, Serena Williams had a sprained right ankle during the quarter-final loss at the Australian Open, but said she had not yet considered how well she was ready to play after the latest injury and confirmed she would announce it soon.

"I usually know how bad the injury was early. I mean, I had a bad ankle injury in January.

"But for me tomorrow we'll see what happens. I'm trying to deal with it and we'll see tomorrow," she said.

Serena suffered an ankle injury in the fifth game of the second set as he quickly advanced to the net and fell to the ground after a backhand.

The eighth seed took about 20 seconds to get up, but she resisted to get up and win the precious points to break her opponent's lead, leading 3-2 and then getting a diagnosis.

"She did not feel much pain," Serena coach Patrick Muratoglu said.

Serena is seeking to equal the record and achieve her 24th Grand Slam title and won his first major title since Australia 2017 and is expected to play in the quarter-finals against Chinese Wang Jiang.

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