Overwatch Game Switch on the doors

By September 05, 2019 ,

According to the kotaku report, Blizzard Entertainment reveals when the Nintendo Switch overwatch will come out next month and is likely to be released on October 15, while the game is expected to debut on the device with the launch of the Nintendo Direct episode.

The Legendary Overwatch offers Nintendo Switch owners the full version of Blizzard Entertainment's famous team-based shooting game, with the latest gaming and graphics updates. Players will choose from a group of 31 vibrant players to face in a variety of normal and competitive multiplayer phases and fight to achieve map targets in 28 different locations around the earth and on the moon.

In addition, Nintendo Switch players have the option of controlling their heroes in a whole new way using the gyroscope controls built into the gaming platforms that allow players to tilt the console to select the perfect shooting mode for Macri, fly in the air, or quickly reverse enemy shots as a Kenji.

The Legendary Overwatch will be available on the Nintendo Switch with two versions: one retail and one digital via Nintendo eShop at a suggested price of € 39.99. As a reward, both versions will have 15 uniforms for a group of heroes to start collecting their collections, as well as a three-month Nintendo Switch Online membership so players can take advantage of the opportunity and start fighting with or against their fellow Nintendo Switch players.

Players who have already purchased the Legendary Overwatch version before the game's release on October 15 will also receive a Noire costume for Talon's experienced agent, Widow Maker, the skilled Overwatch killer. In addition, Nintendo Switch players who sign in to Overwatch by December 31, 2019 will receive a gold booty box containing at least one Legendary item as a bonus.

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