Neymar regrets his mistakes and his mental state is not stable!

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Neymar: "I am not perfect, and idealism is impossible for anyone. I have been wrong many times and paid a high price to restore confidence, but I think it is normal. It is part of life"

Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar da Silva has admitted mistakes in recent years.

Neymar (PSG) said in a statement to the newspaper "Mirror" British: "I made a lot of mistakes, and restore confidence is not easy, but when I feel frustrated .. Anger and explode and do not communicate with everyone well, so I try to improve this."

"Whenever I have to have a conversation with someone, I try to talk," he continued. And I think it makes me feel good. " This quest for well-being is also essential for him to flourish on the green rectangle. "I believe that when you feel good, things happen naturally. You are more likely to do good things. If you are not well, everything will not happen as you wish.

`` Injuries are the worst moment of any athlete's career.

"I thank everyone who helped me during the injury to come back again. My father, Sister, Family and Friends. I play football and train every day for them. They are always by my side and help me without waiting for anything in return."

"I do preventive training with a physical trainer and a physiotherapist."

His ambitions:

Neymar (PSG): «I simply plan to be the best footballer in the world».

His foot injuries with PSG

"This is the worst period of an athlete's career. In two years, I had two serious injuries and that left me practically six months without playing football. But injuries are part of a player's career and we try to prepare ourselves and prevent them from happening again. I do preventive exercises with my physical trainer and my physiotherapist ".

Neymar spoke about his changes in mentality during a talk for the Mirror. The Brazilian, who is frank, says he made mistakes during his career.

For the release of a perfume of which he is the muse, Neymar (PSG) addressed a few words to our colleagues of the Mirror. No question for the Brazilian to return to his busy summer, where he wished to leave Paris Saint-Germain, but he still spoke about his personal work on his state of mind and his character. Indeed, the Brazilian is aware that he is "not someone talkative" and that it may cause him harm.

"I'm not a talkative guy, I'm a very reserved guy, I keep everything to myself, there's a point where I end up being frustrated, getting angry, exploding and where I do not express myself well, I try to improve on this, "he explains. "Every time I have to have a conversation with someone, I try to talk, and I think it feels good." Words that, all the same, go against the silence he has adopted all summer to leave Paris.

"I planted myself a few times"

Today at 100% with Paris Saint-Germain, the Ney believes that one must first feel good mentally to be on top. "I think that when you feel good, things go naturally, you're more likely to do good things, and if you're not doing well, it's not going to be the way you would expect. planted several times and regain all the confidence I had at a high price, but I think it's normal for human beings to fail, it's part of life and thanks to these mistakes, you grow up and learn " .

Of course, his two foot injuries impacted him negatively. "I had two serious injuries in two years and it left me for almost six months without football, I missed scoring goals." However, Neymar now wants to relativize and avoid reliving, again, an injury next February. "But injuries are part of an athlete's career and we try to prepare and prevent them, so if that's the case, it's important to maintain good mental health while you're recovering." A new Neymar, on all points?

Lionel Messi, Barcelona star and former Neymar (PSG) teammate, won the FIFA Player of the Year award on Monday.

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