Messi: I don't manage Barcelona and i accept Ronaldo's invitation to dinner in one case.

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Messi: Barcelona is my home and I don't manage Barcelona and don't interfere in management.

Argentine striker Lionel Messi has confirmed that he wants to stay at Barcelona for as long as possible because he is his home, stressing that he does not want to leave, without addressing the issue of his contract and the clause that may contain him and allow him to leave unconditionally in 2020.

Messi also spoke about the return of Neymar and the signing of Griezmann and rumors that he is ruling him in Barcelona, ​​and also touched on the invitation of arch-rival Cristiano Ronaldo to dinner together.

In a lengthy interview with Catalan sports newspaper Sport, the 32-year-old Messi refused to confirm a clause allowing him to leave unconditionally next summer.

"I really can't confirm anything about contracts because there is a clause of confidentiality, so I can't say anything. If I talk, I won't be bound by the contract," said the star this year, the sixth Golden Ball winner. "But what I can say is that I want to stay in Barcelona for as long as possible and to continue my career here because it is my home."

He also confirmed his return to Barca and will be ready to face Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League.

Messi also talked about Frenchman Antoine Griezmann, who was signed by Barcelona in the last summer Mercato, amid leaks that Messi and his colleagues were not welcome the idea because of the player's refusal to offer Barcelona last season, the Argentine committed to a diplomatic answer saying: «I did not have time to watch him play with "That's why I can't judge him."

"I have no problem, I always say there is no problem with him," said Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo. We are not friends and this is because we did not share a single dressing room, we always meet in concerts or awards, and last time we talked more and closer, I do not know if we will meet for dinner someday because each of us lives in a place and has obligations, but if arranged "There is no problem."

As to whether he feels he could win the Golden Ball for the best player in 2019, he said: `` I don't know, this year's award is tough, no one knows if he is the candidate or not. Recently, more attention has been paid to team-level results, which have not been bad. There is a lot of interest in who has won the Champions, and sometimes others look at who wins the World Cup, I do not know, the truth is there is no specific rule to determine the winner of the Golden Ball. I never felt a candidate to win or not a candidate. "I've always said that individual prizes for me are secondary."

He stressed that the most beautiful goals he scored in his career were outside the home and he also confirmed the existence of videos on YouTube,

"I feel fine," he said of his recovery from injury since the start of the season. "It was really bad, because it was my first practice with the team. I left for two weeks and when I thought I was feeling good, I felt a setback before a training session." Betis face and I have to stop again until now. They told me that the sole muscle is complicated, I felt fine but it was not, I never tried this injury, and now I am aware of it, but I am reassured and I will play when I feel fine and when I am sure it will not come back, because injury again will mean leaving me for a while Longer stadiums ».

He added: "I am still training individually, there is no specific date to return, I undergo tests, I will not be able to participate against Valencia, we will see if I will be ready against Borussia Dortmund (in the Champions League) or against Granada."

He said: "We want to win all the titles, we will try it. Of course I hope to win the Champions because we haven't won them in a while. I think we are looking forward to that and I also hope on a personal level, but I hope to win both championships." .

Regarding his wife Antonella, he said: "It is everything for me. Being next to me makes it easier for me to do a lot of things. "You know how to deal with me all the time, especially in difficult times. She is a woman who does not like to have bad days, her mood is always good, she is an amazing companion."

He continued: «I know her since I was seven years, but my relationship with her began after that, she was close to my best friend, and we got to know each other through it».

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