Italy's newspapers are busy with a dispute between Cristiano and Paulo Dybala

By September 10, 2019 ,

The negative atmosphere experienced by the Italian team, Juventus, due to the dispute between the two stars

Italian newspapers on Tuesday morning focused on the influence of the star of Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo, in the salary of Calcio and in the management of the team.

She confirmed that there are differences among the players, especially between the stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala. So that the player wants to compete with Cristiano to pay penalties and free kicks.

She added that Ronaldo's influence in the team has increased and he wants to win everything in the team and also confirmed the desire of the Portuguese star Depala's departure from the team, and that their relationship has already been affected. Recently there was a dinner among the team members and Argentine star Dybala did not attend.

As an Italian newspaper devoted its cover to the dialogue held with coach Marisio Sari, said: I do not see any disagreement between the players, but described it as a normal competition and it is not difficult, and Juventus need both in the team.

"Cristiano was good for the team, and Dybala is an intelligent striker."

To maintain the stability of the Italian teams, the management of Juventus must intervene in resolving this dispute between the players, especially in this period of the beginning of the season the team is in dire need of them.

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