Hockey .. a mix between art and football

By September 06, 2019 ,

Hockey is one of the most innovative sports in terms of polymorphism, tools, stick materials and pitches, hoping to hit the opponent's net with a hard drive.

Founded on 7 January 1924, the International Hockey Federation, based in Lausanne, Switzerland, has 137 member states.

The origin of the word "hockey" is not a clear nationality, some interpreted the curved cane used by sheep herders in medieval France, while the first documented use of the game "hockey" historian who published a book about many sports games in 1773.

But hockey originated thousands of years ago, with historical evidence, manuscripts and stone inscriptions dating back to the Pharaohs, the Greeks as well as in Mongolia and Ireland.

As many have disagreed with the founder of hockey, the sport itself takes many forms and also uses different stick materials of fiberglass, wood, graphite, reinforced plastic and other materials with technological advances in recent years.

The practice of hockey also takes place in 34 different forms, of which 6 are professionally practiced, and fall under the banner of local, continental, international and Olympic federations, and other "amateur" forms.

It is also interesting that hockey allows sexual intercourse within a team, as there are some competitions between male and female players in one team.

Hockey has been copied into a mixture of football in two forms, Hockey Pandey, a winter sport in which two teams of 11 players compete for goals on a snowy pitch in the same size as a football field. The other type is "stadium hockey," where 11 players also compete on natural or artificial grass, which can be covered or exposed, and is also an Olympic sport since the 1908 Games in London.

Ice hockey is also a widespread sport in North America and has relatively different rules than traditional hockey.

Ice hockey competitions are held in indoor lounges, sometimes on frozen lakes or an ice pool, as the game is held between two skiers with six players each, wearing protective uniforms for many parts of the body and teeth to avoid fatal injuries.

Ice hockey appeared at the 1920 Summer Olympics and at the Winter Olympics from 1924 to the present day.

Another version called "Sledge" is a hockey for players with lower half of the body, different from the fact that each player uses a pair of sticks to control the disc, and this sport has been famous in the Winter Paralympics since the 1994 tournament.

Futsal Hockey is held between two teams of 5 players instead of 6, unlike ice, goalkeeper and 4 on the pitch, while retaining the same protective tools for the players.

There are two types of lounges: Inline Hockey, where players move with single sleds, and Roller Hockey, where players wear small-wheeled sleds.

The most amateur hockey tournament is played on smooth floors, parking lots or tennis courts.

Both teams are free to choose their uniforms as well as use a hockey, tennis or disc ball. They are also allowed to play the game either by skis or by wearing casual shoes.

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