Demarkos Cousins transit code in the transfer of Carmelo Anthony Lakers

By September 02, 2019 ,


Carmelo anthony

Former Houston Rockets star Carmelo Anthony and NBA star are waiting to decide their future and renew their contract to stay in the NBA.

Los Angeles Lakers are interested in signing Carmelo Anthony this summer. Were it not for the Houston Rockets' smart intervention, Eric Gordon renewed his contract until 2024.

Although Carmelo Anthony's move to the Los Angeles Lakers is difficult to complete, there is no place on the Golden List to fund and benefit from his services, after signing with Dwight Howard.

Lakers have been hit hard recently, with new player Demarkus Cousins ​​injured in the cruciate ligament, confirming his long absence from the new season 2019-2020.

To fill the gap left by the injured Demarkus Cousins, the Lakers moved and signed with Dwight Howard in an unexpected deal to strengthen his squad before the start of the season.

At the same time, Carmelo Anthony had received an offer to sign with Brooklyn Nets, at the request of the new team duo, Kevin Durant and Kerry Irving.

Although it is unclear if the Brooklyn Nets want to sign a contract with the veteran and join him in the squad next season, it will be a big addition to the team and a big boost for both teams.

At the moment, Carmelo Anthony will not be easy to sign, as Brooklyn currently has 15 players who have signed guaranteed contracts, which is the NBA cap.

 Anthony's signature means sacrificing a player in the team right now, anyone whose salary is guaranteed either way, even the big market teams refuse the idea of ​​paying the players and not taking advantage of them, and this is what Anthony added in his statements.

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