De Ligt is the target of criticism from Juventus fans and the Italian press

By September 01, 2019 ,

Matthijs de ligt
Although Juventus beat Napoli 4-0 in a thrilling game, Ajax's Dutch defender Matthias de Licht has not escaped criticism.

According to the Spanish newspaper "Sport", De Licht became after the game against the critically acclaimed, by the fans of Juventus and the Italian press, which believes that he missed
the three goals and left spaces and lapses in front of the goal, which was received by Juventus.       
De Licht, who cost Juventus this summer for 72 million euros, did not play Parma's first match, but the circumstances of his service and participated against Napoli in the second round, after the injury of Giorgio Kellini cruciate ligament on the night of the game.

The Italian press has blamed De Licht and blamed him for the three goals that conceded Juventus's goal and ended in a dramatic Juventus win.

She pointed out that the clear errors of the former Ajax player in the positioning and control and implicated his team in the draw, had it not been for Coulibaly error that gave Bianconeri a deadly victory.

After the match, Sarri's assistant Giovanni Martiochello was forced to defend De Licht, stressing that the player is still adapting to the team and the Italian atmosphere.

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