Cristiano Ronaldo behind Juventus refused to Joao Felix.

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Matthias de Licht are in crisis to buy young talent.

Joao Felix of the mother Carla Felix and his father Carlos Sequeira, born November 10, 1999 in Viseu, is a Portuguese international footballer, who evolves as winger or offensive midfielder at Atlético de Madrid.

Juventus have refused to sign Joao Felix, the former Benfica star and current Atletico Madrid star, according to an Italian press report.

According to the Italian site "Calcio Mercato", Joao Felix's success in attracting the attention of major Europeans such as Juventus, Real Madrid, Atletico and Manchester City was not surprising, after the player proved that he has a talent similar to Kylian Mbappe, star of Paris Saint-Germain.

In February, Benfica president Luis Felipe Vieira and Jorge Mendes' agent came to Italy and held a meeting with Juventus sports director Fabio Paratisi on Felix.

After Juventus officials confirmed that the price of the player would be high, they decided not to conclude the deal, especially since the club spent more than 100 million euros a few months ago, in order to bring a huge offensive investment, represented by Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid.

Juventus decided to be the next investment for the team in the line of defense, and therefore spent nearly 75 million euros, to sign Dutchman Matthias de Lech from Ajax.

The two strikers are obviously both excellent dribblers, very technically fine. But many things oppose them. While Ronaldo, at age 20, eliminates mainly thanks to his speed and his explosiveness, Felix uses more the counter-foot, the positioning and the anticipation than the overflow. Ronaldo, at the time, uses a lot of parasitic, superfluous movements. It is not uncommon to see him, under the jersey of the Red Devils, chain 5 or 6 consecutive leg passes when one is enough, or do 3 or 4 feints centers to finally set back to his side. It is far from the clinical effectiveness that has since made him the top scorer in the history of the C1.

Joao Felix is transferer to atletico de madrid last summer.

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