Bianca Andresco defeats to win the US Open title for the first time against Serena Williams

By September 08, 2019 ,

Canada's 19-year-old Bianca Andresco defeated veteran Serena Williams and won the US Open with a crushing final in two sets without a response.

Bianca took an early break in the first set 2-1, then kept sending it to the end and broke Serena again to win the first set 6-3.

In the second set, Andresco also advanced early 2-0 but the American veteran returned the break, but Andresco returned quickly and advanced 5-1.

Williams then broke back and broke Andresco back to a 5-2 lead with a big impact and an ordinary performance against the rising Canadian talent, narrowing the gap to two games with Serena winning 5-3.

And the American legend returned to break Andresco again amid the amazement of followers a clean run, and maintained its run easily to become the score 5-5 (won four consecutive runs).

Finally, Andresco won the first half, and advanced 6-5 with great difficulty over her opponent, and then succeeded in breaking the serve of Serena Williams to win the first title in Grand Slam in its history and prevent Williams from the 24th title in her career.

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